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 Facts About Comptank Trailers
  1. The Comptank barrel is 100% FRP.
  2. The rings, flanges and spill boxes are 100% FRP.
  3. The tremendous strength of our patented Filament Wound construction eliminates the need for wood or foam coring.
  4. The barrel is approximately ½ inch thick and corrosion resistant straight through.
  5. Compatible with over 750 chemicals and acids.
  6. No spark testing required.
  7. In the event that the integral corrosion barrier is destroyed the reline cost is less than rubber.
  8. The glass smooth, well radiused interior surface allows for easy cleaning and therefore higher product purity.
  9. D.O.T. approved with and special permit for the materials of construction (407/412).
  10. Pressure tested to 52.5 PSI.
  11. Operating pressure 35 PSI.
  12. Capable of full vacuum.
  13. The Filament Wound FRP tank barrel is four times stronger than steel.
  14. Comptank Filament Wound FRP tanks are not subject to bond failure or de-lamination as are the linings in metal tanks.
  15. Acids and trace elements of organics have no effect on interior corrosion barrier designed with proper resin.
  16. Tare weight for standard 5,500 gallon acid transporter is 10,300 pounds.
  17. Lightweight 5,500 gallon transporters have been built with a tare weight of 9,500 LBs..
  18. Five-year structural warranty on the barrel and ribs.
  19. The base price for a 5,500 gallon acid transporter is $70,000. - $80,000.
  20. Dual laminated vessels of Polyproylene, Halar, Kynar and Teflon are also available.
  21. Multiple hazard compatibility. DOT approved for transporting classes 3, 6.1, 8 and 9 cargoes.
General Specifications: Comptank 5500 Transporter. Standard FRP Fenders and Rear Light Boxes. Top Unload PVC Hose Tube

FRP offers the corrosive liquid hauler longer life, less costly repair and less down time in comparison to lined metal units. FRP will outlast most rubber and a host of other linings, and normally see up to 3 times the service life of lined units. FRP construction dramatically reduces operating costs. Fenders, light boxes, hose trays, catwalk, and piping are all made of strong, lightweight FRP. They not only carry corrosives, they work in a corrosive environment. FRP does not rust, and no painting is required.

The tremendous strength of the filament wound construction process eliminates the need for wood or foam coring, the barrel is solid FRP.