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How to Contact Us

North American Phone and Facsimile Numbers:

  • General offices and factory telephone: 1-519-695-2915
  • General offices and factory facsimile: 1-519-695-2114
  • U.S. and Canada, telephone: (Toll free) 1-888-695-2915
  • U.S. and Canada, facsimile: (Toll free) 1-888-695-2114

International Telephone and Facsimile Numbers:

  • General Offices and Factory, telephone: 001-519-695-2915
  • General Offices and Factory, facsimile:   001-519-695-2114
  • General Offices and Factory, E-mail: info@comptank.com
  • U.S. and Export Sales, telephone: 888-695-2915
  • U.S. and Export Sales, facsimile:   888-695-2114
  • U.S. and Export Sales, E-mail:  info@comptank.com

Postal Address:

  • General offices and factory: Rural Route Two, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada, N0P 1C0

By Email: